MeldaProduction - MDrummer Large 6.07 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU x86 x64 Win. OSX + Content [22.02.2017]

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MeldaProduction - MDrummer Large 6.07 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU x86 x64 Win. OSX + CONTENT
Год/Дата Выпуска: 22.02.2017
Версия: 6.07
Разработчик: MeldaProduction
Сайт разработчика: MeldaProduction
Формат: VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU
Разрядность: 32bit, 64bit
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
VST/VST3 compatible host (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support
Mac OS X (10.5 and newer, 32-bit or 64-bit)
VST/VST3/AU compatible host (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support
MDrummer Large - мощная полнофункциональная рабочая станция для ударных, объединяющая все особенности всех нынешних рыночных продуктов в один инструмент. MDrummer настолько хорош, что о нём можно говорить часами, однако гораздо лучше его попробовать самим...
Помимо того, что у этой станции есть своя звуковая библиотека с продвинутым редактированием, MDrummer можно использовать также и как продвинутый конструктор ударных партий - и воспроизводить полученные миди-треки с гибко редактируемыми параметрами любой другой барабанной библиотекой.
Доп. информация:
В раздаче файлы для MacOSX заархивированы в zip, чтобы не было повреждений при переносе сквозь файловую систему Win. Крайне не рекомендуется их разархивировать до использования на MacOSX.
6.07 changes
Added MBassador FX.
Added volume +/-, solo and mute buttons to drum pads.
When searching through presets the total number of presets are displayed along with the number of matching presets.
Improved quality of all noise generators and algorithms based on them. Note that there may be a slight difference in sound, hardly noticeable though.
Auto-listening a band in low-pass/high-pass mode in all parametric equalizers auditions the opposite filter - hence you listen what is being cut.
Bands in all parametric equalizers/comb filters now also show a line up, for easier workflow when using analyzers. The lines are visible only if the band is enabled.
System cursors are now used on Windows due to compatibility reasons on some HiDPI devices.
Added Crest meter to LoudnessAnalyzer FX.
Added HP & LP filters to MPhatik FX.
Added Tablet mode back, just in case it is needed.
Improved preset import dialog.
Increased difference between input & output colors for analyzer graphs in Input & Output mode.
Added Select all to menu in all text edit controls.
LP/HP filter tags in dynamic equalizers have been moved up to avoid clashes with analyzer.
Order in Band settings of all parametric EQs is now specified via a selector and the dB/oct has been removed as it varies between filters.
Improved support for ultralow sampling rates below 40kHz.
Fix: Loading graph presets could lead to have some points in the middle unavailable to move in some places.
Fix: Equalizer/comb points could jump a little when started dragging.
Fix: Analyzers could crash when changing Time resolution.
Fix: Left clicking a knob/button and some other controls, then right clicking it would lock the dragging state until another left click occurs.
Fix: Cursor in text edit controls could disappear.
Fix: Moving a band completely to the left/right in any dynamic equalizer made it impossible to move it away due to the LP/HP filters occupying the same place.
Fix: A crash could occur in relation with time graphs in some rare circumstances.
Fix: Text edit windows featuring a piano keyboard or some other extension could have been displayed partly out of the screen.
Fix: Oscillator's step sequencer editors didn't paint the "zero" at the same level as the oscillators themselves, which lead to a confusion.
Fix: Virtual keyboard couldn't display the panel with symbols.
Fix: Trying to deleting a preset for the second time after a permission error could cause a crash.
Fix: Creating a note with velocity 0 while having multiple random layers also with velocity 0 could cause a crash.
Fix: Style preset images (colors) were unnaturally large on HDPI displays.
Fix: MConvolver could theoretically crash on startup.
Fix: Some of the multisampled kits were causing clicks on the beginning of some drums.
6.06 changes
Added load random drumset and load and join random drumset features to the main screen.
Added Save favourite drumset button to the main screen, which creates a Favourites folder and stores the loaded drumset there.
Performance improvements to saturation algorithm used in many plugins.
Added Folder 1 & 2 modes to MLimiter FX.
Added "Peak analog" filter to all equalizers. It simulates analog peak filter response in the high frequencies.
No more "-0.00" in some units.
Removed Tablet mode switch as it is not useful anymore.
Increased times for "repeating buttons" to avoid unwanted repeats when clicking with slow devices such as touchpads.
Added Select MDrummer library path to the global menu.
When dropping multiple samples onto a drum, MDrummer allows to bypass the default sample loudness analysis and sorting.
All file browsers now provide Delete key to delete the selected file.
Automatic sample library analyzer now doesn't name the generate drumsets by names of the used samples, but numbers them instead.
Fix: MConvolution FX Custom path switch didn't work.
Fix: MConvolution FX would not properly load settings if Reverb tab was used.
Fix: Crash could occur after changing the style on OSX.
Fix: Entering path in file dialogs didn't work if "\" was used instead if "/".
Fix: Standalone MDrummer could crash when used with an audio interface featuring more than 16 outputs.
Fix: Deharmonization in analyzers could lead to incorrect results in some rare situations.|
Fix: Changing oscillator smoothness from 0% by a little amount could cause a crash in some rare situations.
Fix: Band gain meters in dynamic equalizers didn't show a proper axis.
Fix: Some controls had a help button despite there was no help available.
Fix: Randomizing graphs in graph settings could lead to a crash after subsequential operations.
Fix: MDrummer didn't run on Windows XP.
6.05 changes
Improved VST3 support.
Added some colorization to MConvolution FX.
Text input windows are now displayed underneath the edited parameter.
Axes in time graphs cannot be configured anymore as it only lead to confusion.
Added level graph vertical line to MWaveShaper FX.
Added full touch-screen support on Windows for up to 16 fingers/devices.
Added Measure input switch to MPhatik's compressor.
Averaging in all analyzers extended to 10 seconds.
Added Global normalization switch to all analyzers.
Added Lock feature to all zoomers.
Added Override length, Pitch shift and Size limit to MConvolution FX.
File browser in MConvolution FX can now be collapsed.
MConvolution FX now notifies when a missing IR is required to load.
Added support for all relevant audio formats on OSX (m4a, aac, aifc etc.).
Peak meters now show "-inf" under -200dB.
Text edit for parameters now shows the parameter name.
MIDI note selectors now contain piano editor to select the note.
Convolution optimized.
Added Detector delay to MDynamicEq FX.
Fix: Dragging an envelope point followed by another 2 points where one was locked could lead to all points locked.
Fix: MCompressor sidechain enable didn't enable the subcontrols.
Fix: ADSR shape could be very weird in certain extreme settings.
Fix: Do not limit above 0dB option in MDynamics FX didn't work correctly when Maximize signal strength to 0dB has been used at the same time.
Fix: Improved compatibility for generated MIDI files.
Fix: Fixed rendering problems with hosts do not implementing the VST standard correctly (Live).
Fix: Randomizer no longer changes GUI size & collapse states.
Fix: Enabling/disabling HDPI mode could make the GUI unusable. The changes now take effect after the restart.
Fix: Changing editor mode on OSX could cause a crash.
Fix: Creating a point from the graph menu would also start dragging it.
Fix: Using LP/HP filters in MConvolution FX IRs could cause "infinity" output, which could block other plugins etc.
Fix: Windows without maximize button could still be maximized via double-clicking the title, making them seemingly impossible to unmaximize.
Fix: Opening the drumset editor for the first time could make some controls unnaturally shrinked.
Fix: Automation didn't work at all in previous version.
Fix: MSubSampleSynth could crash with certain user libraries on OSX.
1.Run our host patch or manually block
2.Install the software.
3.Run our keygen.
4.Patch files below.
* MAudioPlugins
* MDrummer Large
5.Generate licenses.
6.Run the software and drag and drop the license.
1.Block the access to
2.Install the software.
3.Replace files below with our patched ones.
* MAudioPlugins
* MDrummer Large
4.Use our keygen on Windows to generate a license.
You can use pre-generated *.mlf license instead.
5.Run the software and drag and drop the license.
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