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iZotope iDrum 1.71 (Mac/Win) + Samples/Kits
Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 1.71
Разработчик: iZotope
Платформа: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary), Windows XP, Vista
Совместимость с Vista: да
Системные требования: Formats: Standalone, RTAS (Pro Tools 7+), Audio Unit, VST, MAS
Sample Rates: up to 192 kHz
Internal Precision: 32-bit
Automatable: Yes (Pattern Number)
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Русское описание: Виртуальная ритм-машина iDrum 1.71 содержит шаговый секвенсор с возможностью создания паттернов и организации их в сонги. Прилагаются сотни звуков и готовых паттернов, возможны редактирование наборов звуков, редактирование семплов, импорт файлов формата WAV и AIFF. Поддерживаются частоты дискретизации до 192 кГц, разрядность до 32 бит, управление по MIDI или с компьютерной клавиатуры.
iDrum turns your Mac or PC into a powerful, simple-to-use virtual drum
machine. Build patterns with iDrum's lightning-fast step sequencer,
using included kits or your own samples.
iDrum for PC and Mac can also link to iDrum for the iPhone and iPod
touch, letting you take your beats anywhere!
Easy. Fun. Dope.
It doesn't matter if you're a professional beat-maker or if you've
never touched a drum machine before. iDrum lets you create drum
patterns quickly, either with its top-notch included kits or your own
samples. There's simply no faster way to build a beat on your Mac or
Drum machine newcomers will get to experience the same magical instant-
gratification that hooked an entire generation of musicians on the
hardware drum machines of yesteryear. Pros will find that iDrum is the
perfect way to manage large unwieldy drum sample libraries, get a phat
beat going, and get it exported into the format you need (and for less
money than a replacement pad for your MPC 3000).
Seamless integration
iDrum runs as both a standalone native OS X and Windows application and
as a plug-in for Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Ableton Live, SONAR,
Cubase and more. This means you can use iDrum to create beats from
right within your favorite music software environment, perfectly
synced with your arrangement and always right where you left it when
you return to your project after your next world tour.
Play that Beat
Don't feel like pushing buttons with your mouse? Prefer to bang on
things instead? iDrum has you covered. Use record mode to tap out beats
on an attached MIDI keyboard, or even using your QWERTY keyboard!
Samples Reloaded
iDrum comes with hundreds of professional drum samples arranged in
nearly two hundred iDrum files, each with several preset patterns
programmed by some of the best beatmeisters working today. But these
beats are just the beginningùsince you can mix and match parts and
samples between kits, and even load your own AIFF and WAV drum samples,
the possibilities for beat creation are virtually endless. If you ever
run through all the drum sounds that come with iDrum (and it will take
you a while, believe us), you can drag any AIFF or WAV file of up to 2MB
in size into iDrum's channel window.
Patterns Galore
Store up to 99 patterns in a single iDrum file, along with all of the
drum sounds you used to make your beat. iDrum makes it simple to create
tons of variations on a simple pattern, and then chain them together
using Song Mode. Or simply trigger patterns from your favorite host
iDrum comes with dozens of part presetsùa unique feature that makes it
incredibly easy to create amazingly cool beats by simply mixing and
matching parts and samplesùeven if you've never programmed a beat
before. You can even add your own parts to iDrum's part preset library
so you never, ever, ever have to program that syncopated disco hat
figure again (you know the one we mean).
Link to iDrum for the iPhone and iPod touch
Take your beats anywhere! iDrum versions for the iPhone and iPod touch
platforms are available now on the Apple App Store (for just US $5).
iDrum for PC and Mac now lets you share kits and sounds with your
iPhone/iPod touch. Create beats in the palm of your hand with your own
samples and custom kits!
iDrum 1.71 Update
June 18, 2009
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Audio Hardware Setup menu in standalone version allows user to adjust latency
* Fixed Sync problem with latest versions of iDrum for iPhone/iPod touch
* Localized application and help documents to Japanese, French, German and Italian
* Small fixes and optimizations
iDrum 1.70 Update
October 31, 2008
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Support for time signatures other than 4/4
* New "traditional" swing feature allows you to add swing to 8th or 16th notes (old Swing/humanize feature now called "Groove")
* New Song Editor window helps you quickly organize patterns into songs
* Copy and paste steps by Shift-Clicking and dragging
* iDrum Sound Portal adds an easy way to get more sounds for iDrum
* Performance optimizations and minor bug fixes
iDrum 1.64 Update
August 21, 2008
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Compatibility with iDrum for iPhone and iPod touch: manage the sample library on your iPhone/iPod touch and send or receive kits for editing on both platforms
* Performance optimizations and minor bug fixes
iDrum 1.63 Update
May 9, 2008
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Added sample preview and audition features under OS X
* Added language and translation support
* MIDI Drag with Unicode characters now supported
* The volume slider can now move to its minimum position correctly
* Fixed default volume when adding samples
iDrum 1.62 Update
March 17, 2008
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Fixed skin support
* Improved Digital Performer upgrade compatibility
* Added 64-bit VST support
* Improved sync support in GarageBand, Live and other hosts
* Improved Unicode filename support
iDrum 1.61 Update
March 6, 2008
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Improved MAS automation and sync support
* Removed DXi support (Please note: all tested hosts which support DXi also support the VSTi format. If you are using a host which only supports DXi, please contact iZotope support)
iDrum 1.60 Update
March 4, 2008
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Support for Windows XP and Vista
* Tested for Mac OS X Leopard
* Added MAS plug-in support
* Multi-out support for Logic 8 now works correctly
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements for Mac version
iDrum 1.53 Update
January 16, 2007
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Universal Binary support in Pro Tools 7
* MIDI drag supports song mode
iDrum 1.52 Update
May 5, 2006
Download the latest build on the download page.
* Improved stability
* Updated installer graphics
* Improved language support
iDrum 1.51 Update
April 25, 2006
* Fixes crash when changing Kits
* Addresses case where samples are not saved into iDrum Kits
* Fixed upgrade behaviors
iDrum 1.50 Update
April 12, 2006
* Added iZotope authorization system
* Passes AU validation
* Addresses crash in non-English language installer on Mac OS X
Дополнительно: В раздаче присутствуют Free XRB kits (демо версия) и разные сэмплы (читайте readme). Киты/Сэмплы должны в GarageBand'е работать. Всё по папкам, если что-то не нужно, уберите галочку.
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