Toontrack - Beatstation 1.0.2 VSTi.AU.RTAS WIN.OSX x86 x64 [08.09.2010]

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Toontrack - Beatstation VSTi AU RTAS HYBRID DVDR-AiRISO

Сайт разработчика: TOONTRACK
Год/Дата Выпуска Плагина: 2010
Разработчик: TOONTRACK
Версия: 1.0.2
Разрядность: x86/x64
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Генератор ключа
Сист. требования:
Windows XP SP3 or newer,
Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 512 MB RAM
Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher,
G5 or Intel processor with 512 MB RAM

Компания Toontrack, известная своими барабанными vst-модулями EZ Drummer и Superior Drummer,
выпустила на рынок новый интересный продукт. Toontrack Beatstation объединил барабаны, бас,
lead-инструменты, поддержку midi и rex-loop файлов.
По словам разработчиков основное предназначение новинки - быстрое и удобное создание новых треков.
В то же время программный продукт дает возможность дальнейшего даведения тончайших нюансов.
Основная библиотека Beatstation разделена на три части:
Lowbit, Synthetix и Organic, где пользователь сможет найти тысячи midi-рисунков,
rex-loop файлы а также огромную коллекцю пресетов с инструментами на любой вкус.
Кстати говоря, в Beatstation также можно использовать библиотеки сэмплов EZ Drummer и Superior Drummer.
Кроме того, разработчики реализовали возможность записи и использования собственных семплов.
Еще из интересного - широкие возможности по настройке пользовательской панели при помощи скинов,
которые можно скачать с сайта посвященного продукту и инструмент по созданию собственных скинов для интерфейса.
Плюс ко всему, Toontrack Beatstation предоставляет весьма широкие возможности для работы с форматом midi.
Объявленная розничная цена релиза - 89€.

Beatstation 1.0.2
New Features
- support for mp3 files in the browser has been added
- skins previously imported can now be removed
Fixed in version 1.0.2
- fixed a bug affecting instruments with pitched and reversed samples
- fixed crash when setting new core content path and then exiting
- unmuting the drum bus should no longer cause noises or artifacts
- when using two monitors on mac it was possible to get the stand alone window below the menu bar making it impossible to be moved further
- some controls no longer had any effect after a sound had been dragged from and to the same pad properties
- the temporary MIDI file that is used when dragging is now written in the correct place and with the correct name
- the sounds recorded with the sample recorder was not saved in instrument presets due to temporary files being located in wrong place on Mac
- export of loop points from sample recorder is now working when left marker is at the start of clip
- looping of grooves effected by the flam control improved
- random instrument selections should now include all BTX-s, even those not previously opened in the browser
- the REX preview file is now unloaded when loading a new project that doesn't contain one
- loading a preset referencing sounds from libraries not present on the system will now be flagged by an alert dialog
- pads referencing sounds in a previous core content location will load from the new location if the path has been repaired
- added error messages when trying to register an EZX or SDX without EZDrummer or Superior registered
- SDX-s paths should now be recognised regardless of the validity of the backup path (if any)
- EZX and SDX presets now only load the drums, no effects or bass or lead
- looping of odd time signatures grooves in the internal player has been improved
- EZDrummer groove remapping within Beatstation is further enhanced
- file types are now filtered out on the different browser tabs
- MIDI files containing an underscore as part of their name can now be traced back in the browser using the magnifying glass
- REX preview files that cannot be found in the browser are now displayed in the Finder/Explorer
- sound files that cannot be found in the browser are now displayed in the Finder/Explorer
- all instrument presets for the BTX-s should now be available from the INSTR tab as well
- custom user paths are now also shown in the Sounds tab
- the right/control click menu is now also available in the Sounds tab
- the right/control click menu no longer allows to remove a folder entry if not in the root of the custom path
- "Removed Folder" has been changed to "Remove Path" in the browser menu
- adjusting the FX level in the pad property window now affects all selected pads as intended
- hiding pads now hides the pad properties and color dialog as well
- CTRL double click to select all pads no longer bring up the pad properties floater
- the minimize/maximize button in the pad properties floater no longer stay lit if clicked in the very outer pixels
- soloing/muting the drum master is now indicated on the pads in the same fashion as soloing the pad itself
- the drum master tab in the pad properties floater does also reflect the state of the drum master solo/mute
- the first user pad layout is no longer checked by default
- scrolling the REX window after having dragged a REX slice should no longer trigger the drag icon on screen
- the instrument name is updated correctly when dragging a REX file to a pad
- the pad properties for Bass and Lead now correctly display the pad name
- selections in the pad shape dialog is ignored for lead and bass pads
- oval medium size pads did not display a note number on launch
- the slice number did not show on the REX slices when using inverted text color scheme
- all text values are followed by '…' when the text is too long to be displayed in full
- the loading animation is now always on top
- residual floater panels are now forcibly removed when another control requires one
- 'emtpy' tooltips are no longer shown on the stacks in the pad properties floater
- some additional tool tips were adjusted
- some web links were adjusted
- misc minor copy protection fixes
Content update
- suitable sounds have loop points defined
- wrong pitches above note 84 corrected for 'MonoMachineD'
- wrong pitches above note 64 corrected for 'Monster Lead'
- sounds for Snare Group Snaps Xtra (Organic BTX) should be less noisy
- some Crash samples in the Lowbit BTX should no longer be offset
- Snare 1 in the Peachtree preset no longer has muted sounds
- Synthetix Lead presets Hidden and Spurt fixed
- Carpenter preset should now load FX1
- misc non operational changes (pad labels, etc)
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