Xhun Audio - LittleOne 2.6 VST x86 [2012]

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Xhun Audio - LittleOne

Год выпуска: 2012 | Версия: v2.6 | Разработчик: Xhun Audio | Сайт разработчика: www.xhun-audio.com/site/xhun.php?page=littleone
Разрядность: 32bit / Таблэтка: Вылечено.R2R / Системные требования: программы с поддержкой VSTiXhun Audio LittleOne - эмулятор программного аппаратного аналогового синтезатора Moog Little Phatty. Для получения теплого аналогового звука LittleOne эмулирует каждый компонент оригинального синтезатора Moog (генераторы, фильтры, конверты, LFO и т.д.), сохраненяя оригинальные частотные характеристики и диапазоны частот
Xhun Audio is proud to present LittleOne, a faithful software emulation of one of the most legendary and appreciated hardware analog synthesizers.
In addition to the whole signal path simulation, every single component inside LittleOne (oscillators, filter, envelopes, LFO ...) features the original frequency responses and ranges of the hardware counterpart, producing a deep, rich and warm sound.
Add to the equation a full rack with a 16-step MIDI sequencer, a 16-step trancegate effect and two master effects slots and the result is a complete analogue-sounding instrument - all in the digital domain.
Nobody's Perfect
Perfection is not of this world. In nature, due to its inherent complexity (and beauty), everything is unpredictable, seemingly - for us - out of control. This makes things so special.
This is true for everything, also for musical instruments.
Based on analog electronics components, an analog synthesizer brings within itself all the imperfections of this technology. This is why its sound is so warm and rich.
LittleOne synthesizer is entirely built on this concept.
Based on casuality (like in the real world), every component inside LittleOne has its independent instability and micro-imperfections. This means that - playing the same note twice - LittleOne will never produce exactly the same sound. As nature teaches.
Together with a high-end DSP technology, this feature brings brilliance, genuineness and depth to the sound.

Analog Modeling simulation of real analog hardware
An all-in-one complete Synthesizer + Sequencer + Trancegate + Rack / FX setup
Analogue Components Emulation. Oscillators, Filters, Lfos (,...) simulate the authentic micro-instability and imperfections of the analogue technology. This feature brings richness, genuineness and depth to the sound
Two aliasing-free Analog Modeled Oscillators featuring Continuous Wave Selection mode between Triangle, Saw, Square, Pulse
A 4-Pole resonant Low Pass filter modeled on the classic Ladder, featuring the original frequency responses, self-oscillation, soft-clipping and overload control
Two 4-Stage (ADSR) Envelope Generators with exponential response
Modulation LFO with the original waveforms and frequency ranges (0.2~500 Hz) including FM possibilities
Monophonic/polyphonic mode, pitch bend ranges, MIDI Channel selector and much more - all accessible from LittleOne LED display
350+ ready-to-use presets covering all styles, from Vintage Analogue to FM, to contemporary cutting-edge Techno/Trance to Psychoacoustic sounds and SFX. Original Little Phatty¹ patches (Stage Edition and Tribute Edition) are included
XSQ16M, a build-in 16-step MIDI sequencer
GATED!, a build-in 16-step Trancegate effect
Two master effects slots with the possibility to choose between Tempo Synced Stereo Delay, Electronic Reverb, Tube Distortion, Flanger, Chorus (more will follow)

Full MIDI CC#s mapping (according to the original LP CC#s specs)
Additional commercial soundbanks/patches available
Supported Sample Rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz

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