Guda Audio - Euterpe 1.0.4 VST x86 [2012, ENG]

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Год Выпуска: 2012 / Версия: v1.0.4 / Разработчик: Guda Audio
Разрядность: 32bit | Язык интерфейса: Английский | Таблэтка: Вылечено R2R
Системные требования: Windows XP or Vista, Pentium IV or Athlon 1.8GHz with 1GB RAM
VST Supporting Host application.Описание: Euterpe - виртуал-аналоговый синтезатор с двумя осцилляторами со свободно-настраиваемыми аналогового формами сигнала. Каждый осциллятор может удваиваться до 10 осцилляторов, в общем 20 осцилляторов super-saw, square, sine, triangle. Также инструмент содержит многорежимный фильтр (резонансные lowpass и highpass). Встроенный осциллограф делает процесс создания звука проще с помощью визуального отображения во время настройки параметров.
Polyphonic mode with up to 24 simultaneous notes that should be enough for even the most elaborated master pieces.
Monophonic mode with adjustable glide/portamento time to make beautiful leads and heavy acid tracks.
Full midi control with velocity sensitive keys, adjustable vibrato on modulation wheel, and pitch wheel control to move the pitch up/down 1 octave.
2 oscillators. Pulse width modulation on square. Freely adjustable oscillators between sine, triangle, saw and square.
Both oscillators support "multiple oscillators" mode that can be used for super saw sounds and all kind of fattyness.
Second oscillator can be detuned up or down 2 octaves and have a dedicated knob for finetune.
Smooth clipping with a limiter to avoid unwanted clicks and digital distortion.
Classic easy to use "Attack Decay Sustain Release" Envelopes, one for amplitude and one for filter modulation.
Three resonant filter types, two kind of lowpass filters where one is moog style ladder filter and one highpass filter.
Adjustable keyfollow on filter.
Filter has decimation control that follows filter cutoff envelopes! This is sweet for lo fi leads and why not combine it with the dist to make a really gritty sound will pierce through any mix.
Simple to use beat synced echo with stereo control that easily opens up the stereo image.
Easy to use reverb with mix, size and color control. Great for giving any synth sound a lush broad sound.
Oscilloscope!! Monitor your sound as you are tweaking it. Also great to gain a better understanding of the inner workings what happends under the hood.
Load and save presets. Load any of the pre-packed presets and save your favourite tweaks!
Clipping indicator that lits up everytime the sound clips or the built in limiter has to kick in.
Smooth parameter changes for best automation.
Handles any sample rates.
Band limited oscillators to prevent nasty aliasing.
Available for Mac OS X in VST and AU format and for Windows in VST format.
Built from ground up in C++.
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