Rob Papen - Punch 1.0.4a VSTi x86 x64 [21.12.2013]

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Rob Papen - Punch

Год выпуска: 21.12.2013 / Версия: v1.0.4a / Разработчик: Rob Papen / Разрядность: 32bit+64bit / Таблэтка: Вылечено
Системные требования: PC: 32 & 64 bits VST for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8Rob Papen Punch - драм синтезатор с достойным качеством звука, захватывающим количеством функций и интуитивным интерфейсом "Нового мышления". Для создания ударных звуков Punch использует элементы синтеза и сэмплирования, c возможностью загрузки собственных сэмплов.
With Punch, Rob Papen delivers a brand new speaker busting, body rattling software instrument. Punch delivers synthesized drums in the finest audio quality and with breathtaking features for the contemporary producer.
You can can use synthesis and the built in samples to build your own unique sounding drum-kit, but also your own samples can be loaded into Punch to complete your kit. Your sounds can then be crafted using the stunning features, filters and huge synth power we all know from other RP synthesizers.
Punch has a unique sound but also built in sequencers, allowing you the user to have multiple patterns at your finger tips. These grooves can be triggered in a live environment to build a song, but are also great for just improvisation and jamming! Check out the introduction video here
Rod Abernethy:
Punch is so different from all my other perc oriented software instruments. It’s interface is new-thinking and intuitive...I found grooves and sounds on it that I’ve heard no where else. It’s immediately inspirational.
Rod Abernethy: composer of RAGE, TERA, Alpha Protocol, music producer of Dead Space
Armin van Buuren:
Very cool and most of all, it delivers very fast results! Instant creativity. Easy to use and simply does have a great sound.
In his original Dutch:
Erg gaaf en vooral... erg snel! Instant creativiteit en ideeën. Heel makkelijk!! En het klinkt gewoon goed
Punch is a drum synthesis / sampler with a built-in samples and groove sequencers, 1 or 8 stereo output.
PC:?32 & 64 bits VST and RTAS for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Mac:?32 & 64 bits AU and VST and 32 bit RTAS for OSX 10.5 or higher
Mac: 32 bit AU, VST & RTAS for OSX 10.4 (Tiger)
Two activations allowed, 2nd activation after registering product.
Classic samples are samples taken from several classic analog drum machines and punch samples are RP library samples.
Pre-installed RP sample collection for the 8 sample pads
2 Bass Drum with 4 different models and built in 4 classic samples and 20 punch samples
2 Snare Drum with 2 different models and built in 4 classic samples and 61 built in punch samples
2 Open Hihat and 2 Closed Hihat, with 3 models and built in 4 classic samples and 7 built in punch samples
3 Tom/User with 2 Tom models and 3 built in classic samples and 8 built in punch samples
2 Claps with 3 models and build in 3 classic sampled and 12 built in punch samples.
3 User Drum , with 9 models and built in 22 classic samples, 106 built in punch (included percussion) samples.
8 Dual Sample slot, each with there own amp / pitch envelopes & filter and filter envelope.
Each drum has it's own 'easy controls', distortion (20 different models) , output destination (to dry or any of the 4 fx channels) , and choke groups.
Each drum can be preview and selected by clicking in the Drum Preview Pad..
Sequencers Patterns (4x groove and 4x breaks)
Punch has it's own internal sequencer which can play 8 different patterns of up to 16 steps long.
keyboard range: C3-G3
4 Grooves & 4 Break patterns.
Each pattern is composed of 4 tracks, each track having it's own drum output, and each step in each track can have different velocity, panning, pitch , envelope speed, flaming, time offset and free row.
Each pattern also has free row for modulation step values which can be used to modulate controls.
Swing amount, flaming time and humanization controls.
Punch has 2 envelopes, 2 LFO?s and 8 modulation slots , which allow you to use a wide variety of modulation sources to control Punch's controls.
A full screen shows the volume & panning of all the controls , plus the fx mix & panning, allows you to easily mix the drum sounds.
Easy Screen
Easy to use sliders allow to alter the main controls on the fly during use.
All are available for midi-latching.
FX section
4 FXs, each with 26 different type of fx
Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Comb Filter, Reverb, HQ Reverb, Chorus, Chorus/Delay, Flanger, Phaser, WahWah Delay, Distort, Low Fi, Amp Sim, Waveshaper, Widener, AutoPan, Gator, Ring-Mod, Filter, Equalizer, Compressor, Noise-Gate, Ensemble, Cabinet, Multi Distort, AutoWah.
FX can be arrange in 5 different routing ways. In the multi-channel version of Punch, these fx are output to the different output channels.
Manager Screen
Big manager screen, which show you all the presets, banks & presets , allow you to load , save , copy & paste etc them, including the powerful find function.
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