Fxpansion DR-008 VSTi v1.10 + UPDATE 1.21

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Fxpansion DR-008 VSTi v1.10 + UPDATE 1.21
Версия: v1.10 + UPDATE 1.21
Разработчик: Fxpansion
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: Подключаемый модуль FXpansion DR-008 является модульной программной ритм-машинкой, использующей как воспроизведение семплов, так и синтезирование звуков. Есть мультирежимные резонансные фильтры, восемь групп заглушения, два посыла, паттерновый секвенсор с возможностью синхронизации. Поддерживаются полная MIDI автоматизация, до восьми стерео выходов. Возможна загрузка файлов формата WAV и AIFF, установок формата LM-4, DR-005 и Battery. Поддерживаются частота дискретизации до 96 кГц, разрядность до 32 бит. Внутреннее разрешение 32-разрядное.
Программа может работать не только как подключаемый модуль, но и в автономном режиме, поддерживаются интерфейсы VSTi, DXi, RTAS и ReWire. Девять новых алгоритмов синтеза, в том числе моделирование и FM. Также произошли изменения интерфейса.
DR008 for Windows XP is an extremely powerful software instrument for generating and arranging drum and percussion sounds, one shot samples and rhythm patterns in your sequencing environment.
Over five years on from its initial release, DR008 is still probably the most powerful and advanced drum-sampler available on the Windows platform. Its unique modular architecture means that you can load any combination of sample-playback, synthesis and sequencing/performance modules to the 96 available pads.
Sample playback
Four different sample-playback modules can be used, covering everything from ultra-CPU-light one-shot playback, velocity-layered sounds and intense sample mangling.
A suite of incredibly fat synthetic drum modules are included with DR008, featuring everything from intense, huge kicks and snares to precision hihats and experimental physically modelled sounds. No samples are used for these sounds: they are synthesized in real-time.
Sequencing/performance modules
DR008 features advanced step-sequencers and simple but effective performance modules for rolls, flams and layering, all triggered by MIDI keys in the same way as the sample-playback and synthesis modules.
Sound Library
Purchasing DR008 gives you access to a huge kit library, approaching 1.5GB in size. Everything from acoustic rock and jazz kits to dance, hip-hop and abstract electronics are covered, created by professional sample vendors such as Yellow Tools, Wizoo, GMedia and others.
DR008 offers an advanced set of workflow features, making it extremely powerful while remaining efforless to use:
Drag& Drop single and multiple samples or presets from the built-in 'tree-view' browser, or directly from Windows Explorer.
Preview-in-context: Audition different kits and samples in real-time using the mouse or arrow keys while your sequencer plays back!
Preset management: Each DR008 module can store presets, and allows you to step through presets quickly and easily, or call them up from a right-click menu.
MIDI Learn: DR008 features quick and easy MIDI controller mapping. Simply click the MIDI Learn button, move a DR008 control and then move a fader/knob on your MIDI control surface.
DR008 is supplied as VSTi, DXi and RTAS on the Windows platform only.
It imports audio files in WAV and AIFF formats, and can also import LM-4 and Battery kits.
The DR008 format is supported by FMJSoft's AWave utility, which allows conversion of Soundfonts and Akai programs into DR008 format.
DR008 also features drag & drop support directly with Bitshift Audio's pHatMatik Pro beat slicing instrument, and also works with MusicLab's FillinDrummer and SlicyDrummer drum composition utilities.
DR008's module SDK means that it is possible for third parties to create modules for it: current developers include DelayDots, TenCrazy and Smart:Electronix.
DR008's modular architecture means that you only load modules when you need them. Combined with the fact that each module is highly optimized for its task, this means that DR008 is much easier on your CPU than other fixed-architecture instruments. Of course, DR008 has the same high-quality 32-bit internal processing and sample-accurate timing that you've come to expect from software instruments today.
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