ScreenFlow 4.5

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Год выпуска: 2012
Версия: 4.5
Разработчик: Telestream, Inc.
Платформа: Intel only
Язык интерфейса: английский
Таблетка: не требуется
Системные требования: OS X 10.6.8 или более поздняя версия

ScreenFlow — программа, которая позволит записать все ваши действия на экране и затем легко отредактировать их. Незаменимая вещь при создании видеопрезентаций или обучающих роликов.
Особенности: позволяет параллельно записывать со встроенной камеры и/или микрофона, затемнять или наоборот выделять фрагменты экрана для привлечения внимания, а также делать фокусировку на курсоре мыши и много других приятных мелочей.
• Added a background to the captions when displaying in the canvas to make captions easier to read
• Fixed Chroma Key combined with Bump distortion filter causing green screen to flicker in playback and to export with bad frames
• Disabled the ability to add callouts on top of other callouts
• Fixed minor issue where export menu would appear above a document in certain instances
• Disabled the ability to adjust timeline while exporting
• Brightness and Contrast color controls can now not be set to negative percentages
• Fixed issue causing.wmv media to have no thumbnails when application is in 32bit mode
• Fixed inaccurate links to order by phone and fax
• Fixed letterbox and motion blur exports displaying artifacts in the side areas
• Fixed Text Properties: Outline input box showing “Not App...” when no value has been entered
• Fixed runtime error caused by specific left/right clicking then single left clicking
• Fixed typo in YouTube screencast warning message
• Disabled Elgato H.264 encoder in MAS version
• Fixed crash that could occur when adding .dv files to timeline
• Fixed inaccurate link in in-app store
• Fixed inability to select text in a Text Box on Retina display machines
• Fixed issue of adding and moving Freeze Frames causes changes in the cut point of the originating clip
• Fixed an issue where copying & pasting a text clip with background to a document multiple times could cause an error on save
• Fixed occasional crash when publishing to YouTube in Mac OS 10.7
• Disabled Windows Media export
• Fixed deleting multiple gaps not collapsing all remaining clips correctly
• Fixed incorrect location in clip when adding freehand callout
• Added a more detailed error dialog when opening a corrupted .scc file
• Fixed some Japanese localization issues
Expanded Publishing support -- now includes options to publish to Google Drive, Dropbox and Facebook
Improved Upload Manager now allows for asynchronous uploads in the background to free up timeline
New Wipe Transition Pack available for purchase ($19.99)
Improved ability to manage transitions and mark ones as favorites
Added search field to Video & Audio filter popover
Implemented double-clicking sending source to timeline when in the media library list mode
Added 60 fps option to the Pro-Res export and 25 fps to H.264 options to standardize
Added 'Select All' when the media library is in thumbnail mode
Added Shift as a modifier for multiple selection in the canvas
Implemented 'Deselect All' for the Media Library
Fixed bug where edits were getting lost on 10.9
Fixed not being able to adjust points on a filter after an action
Extra "space" graphic appears when shift-selecting multiple spaces at a time
Fixed transition color well to be correctly selectable
Implemented frame-rate control in the 'Customize' window of the ProRes preset
Fixed subtitles not showing up in exported movie when a range selection was used
Fixed video view not showing correct timeline tabs when the document is restored
Fixed 'Depth of Field' video filter center point buttons cut off
Prevented the ScreenFlow document from being able to close when a publish is in progress
Faded down the nested icon when the scrubber is over it
Captions drawn into the preview now account for any scrolling
Fixed being able to create top layers when dragging media up the timeline
Fixed issue where nesting clips with transitions between them removed the transition
Fixed issue where splitting a nested clip containing child transitions removed them
Flipped the main audio meters to have left on the top, right on the bottom
Fixed the helper shutting down even when terminate is cancelled by an in-progress export
When showing the captions in 'Preview' mode, they will no longer have garbage in the background
Reset the default transition if it's been removed from the system
Remember the position of the category in the transition inspector
Fixed issue where pasting a high resolution clip into a lower resolution canvas won't display keystrokes bar correctly
Fixed bug where the content could be tinted blue
Fixed Freeze frame not added to start or end of a clip when editing Nested clips
Fixed text to speech clips not showing up
Added workaround to stop ScreenFlow crashing if quitting while exporting
Fixed audio wave form not drawn correctly when one region of a clip is muted
Fixed Core Image transitions having a shift in color
Fixed color shift with video actions
Fixed 10.9 not showing the circular slider correctly
Fixed Transition Inspector tabs displaying incorrectly
Audio only MPEG-4 exports will now show a progress bar
Fixed color correction tools not working in 10.9
Fixed issue where adding video action removes Audio Filter effect

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