(Freak Folk, Caribbean Folk Music, Psychedelic Folk) [LP][24/96] Exuma - Exuma - 1970 (Original US pressing), FLAC (tracks)

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Exuma - Exuma
Жанр: Freak Folk, Caribbean Folk Music, Psychedelic Folk
Год выпуска: 1970
Лейбл: Mercury – SR 61265 (Original pressing)
Страна-производитель: USA
Аудио кодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: tracks
Формат записи: 24/96
Формат раздачи: 24/96
Продолжительность: 38:49
Side One:
A1 Exuma, The Obeah Man (06:16)
A2Dambala (05:34)
A3 Mama Loi, Papa Loi (04:32)
Side Two:
B1 Junkanoo (03:24)
B2 Seance In The Sixth Fret (07:14)
B3You Don't Know What's Going On (03:27)
B4 The Vision (08:14)
'Exuma' (Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey) - lead vocals, guitar, ankle bells, junk bells, elephant bells, sacred foot drum
Daddy Ya Ya - vocal, daddy's bells, sacred sand, foot drum
Spy Boy Thielheim - vocal, triangle, cabeasa, whistles, bells
Lord Wellington - conga
Mama Loi's, Princess Diana, Mildred Vaney, Frankie Gearing, Geraldine McBride & Sally O'Brien - vocals
Recorded at Regent Sound Studios, New York
Engineer – Bob Liftin
Originally released in 1970 by Mercury Records (US), LP - SR 61265
Источник оцифровки: третьим лицом
Код класса состояния винила: Неизвестно
Первый альбом проекта Exuma, это же псевдоним Тони Маккея, музыканта, самобытного выходца с Багамских островов, увы, так и не снискавшего хотя бы четверть-мировой славы ни в жизни, ни после её завершения, но в узких кругах его знают и любят... Жгучая смесь регги, калипсо, карнавальных плясок джанкану (уличный парад на Багамах), африканских и вест-индийских мотивов, фолка и психоделии. Лирика часто посвящена вудуистским верованиям и визионерским озарениям.
Analog Transfer:
VPI HW-16.5 vacuum powered record cleaning machine
Technics SL-1200 Mk III turntable with Denon DL-103 moving coil cartridge and Audio-Tecnica record stabilizer
Acurrus P-10 stand-alone phono preamp in MC position / flat setting.
Metric Halo 2882 audio interface @ 24-bit / 96 kHz
Macintosh running TC Electronic Spark 2.82 with Waves L1 limiter set to -0.1 dB for over protection.
Encoding Info:
All major clicks removal and balance adjustments performed manually.
Spectral editing in Adobe Audition 3.01 on PC workstation.
Fade-in / Fade-out to digital silence only after program material completely drops below noise floor. Gaps between songs are left exactly as they were on the original album, only made silent to eliminate the vinyl pressing’s surface noise.
Algorithmix RX plug-in: light de-click / light de-noise on fades.
All destructive processing checked for confidence that no audible parts of program material or transients are being removed.
It is only applied for the purpose of reducing level of analog artifacts such as clicks and pops, as well as lead-in/lead-out or overall surface noise when deemed appropriate.
No dithering, sample rate conversion, hiss removal, high-pass filtering, normalization or any other destructive processing that could affect program quality except for those listed above, and only when required.
Encoded into 24-bit/96kHz .flac files using FLAC frontend 1.7 – Level 8 – verification – replay gain disabled.
FLAC tags written and checked with Softpointer Tag&Rename 3.5.7 (with embedded graphics)
Album artwork scanned@300 dpi / Photoshop CS3 composited by hand or using ‘align layers’ into .TIFF, then saved as 300dpi.
Personal Notes: This particular copy of the album’s original pressing has seen better days, it was a very time-consuming process to do click removal by hand in certain sections, but nothing impossible.
Some distortion is audible on the big drum sound in side 1 track 3, verified to be on the original (you’ll notice that this is the only instrument distorting in the song). As well, there are entire sections of the record with prominent tape hiss which is not present on the CD as it has been lowered using NR. This is the album as it was mastered.

foobar2000 1.1.18 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
Analyzed: Exuma / Exuma
DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR11 0.00 dB -13.63 dB 6:18 01-Exuma, The Obeah Man
DR11 -0.10 dB -13.95 dB 5:36 02-Dambala
DR13 -0.10 dB -15.72 dB 4:32 03-Mama Loi, Papa Loi
DR15 -0.10 dB -18.58 dB 3:26 04-Junkanoo
DR12 -0.10 dB -16.59 dB 7:16 05-Seance In The Sixth Fret
DR12 -0.10 dB -14.05 dB 3:30 06-You Don't Know What's Going On
DR13 -0.10 dB -16.64 dB 8:12 07-The Vision
Number of tracks: 7
Official DR value: DR12
Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 1399 kbps
Codec: FLAC
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