Elgato EyeTV 3.4 (6145...6150) - Программа для просмотра и записи ТВ на компьютере Apple Macintosh

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Elgato EyeTV - Программа для просмотра и записи ТВ на компьютере Apple Macintosh
Дата выпуска: 24 мая 2010
Версия: 3.4 (6145)
Разработчик: Elgato Systems
Платформа: PPC/Intel universal
Системные требования:по версии macupdate:
PowerPC G4 (500 MHz или быстрее), PowerPC G5 или Intel Core процессор
[*]Mac OS X 10.5 и выше.по версии elgato:
Macintosh computer with an Intel Core® processor
1 GB of physical RAM
A built-in USB 2.0 port & a compatible TV Tuner
Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later.
Internet connection is required to download Program Guide data
[*]A CD/DVD recorder and Toast® 10 Titanium software (not included) is required to create DVDs, SVCDs or Video CDs (optional)Язык интерфейса: английский + русский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: Программа для просмотра и записи ТВ на компьютере Apple Macintosh. В этой версии включена поддержка трансляции TV на iPhone/iPad через Wi-Fi или 3G.
Доп. информация: Используйте Little Snitch для предотвращения проверки программой ликвидности серийного номера.
Как заиметь апдейт до версии 6150 см. тут
Version 3.4:
Bug Fixes
EyeTV Sat: A problem where the EyeTV infrared remote would repeat the same key has been resolved.
EyeTV's CPU utilization and memory usage have been reduced when no windows are open.
The EyeTV Application size is smaller.
The FF/REW buttons on the Apple remote now work as intended with longer key presses.
A problem where EyeTV USB would hang has been resolved.
A cosmetic problem where long channel numbers would not display correctly in EyeTV's on screen menu has been resolved.
Experience EyeTV on iPad
EyeTV 3.4 includes optimized support for playback on iPad, and has a simplified interface for exporting content.
EyeTV 3.4 is required for streaming of live TV on the iPad using the EyeTV for iPhone/iPad app, which will be released in the near future.
EyeTV HD - A Perfect Companion to iPad
EyeTV 3.4 adds support for EyeTV HD, a full-featured DVR that captures television from your cable or satellite receiver and delivers it live to your Mac in full HD.
Available in North America, EyeTV HD records in H.264 format, which delivers stunning quality at impressively low bit rates. EyeTV HD features a unique dual-stream capture mode, so you can record in iPad and iPhone format at the same time.
EyeTV HD enables super-fast exports to iTunes from EyeTV. It is also possible to stream live TV, including high definition TV, to iPad or iPhone, using the optional EyeTV for iPhone/iPad app.
EyeTV HD is the only solution that gives you full access to all your premium content by connecting your Mac directly to your cable or satellite receiver. EyeTV HD comes with an infrared remote and channel changer cable (“IR blaster”) for automatic control of the receiver.
iPad Videos from EyeTV are rich in program details
The Videos app on the iPad displays content exported to iPad format with the movie summary and cast descriptions, as well as beautiful cover art.
One-Click Export
The one-click export buttons in the toolbar can now be configured to export to iPad format, as well as iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV.
Live Television Streaming to iPad
We've extended the streaming capabilities of EyeTV to the optional EyeTV app for iPhone, which will soon be available for iPad. The controls and video size is now optimized for the larger screens and more powerful playback offered by the iPad.
IceTV Program Guide in New Zealand
IceTV now provides electronic program guide services in New Zealand. EyeTV includes a free 3 month trial period, valued at $33 NZD. For more information, go to the IceTV New Zealand web site.
Learn more
More information about the EyeTV app for iPhone/iPad is available at the Elgato web site. The EyeTV app is available at the iTunes App Store.
Supported Systems
EyeTV 3.4 is a universal application, which works on both Power PC and Intel Macs. An Intel Mac is required for streaming to the iPhone app.
Note that this is the last version which will support PowerPC. All future updates will require an Intel Mac.
EyeTV 3.4 will work with OS 10.5.8 or better. However, we recommend Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later with all software and security updates installed.

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